Opatija, Croatia 22. - 24. January, 2020


CEE CEE started as an answer to over-priced conferences and we are proud of keeping our attendance pricing reasonably affordable, offering more value for your money.

‘Early bird’ conference pass is 150 Euros, with each 3rd attendee per a company free of charge. During online registration process you can also book one or more bilateral tables (300 Euros apiece) and accommodation in Remisens Premium Hotel Ambasador. These prices are valid until 10th of January, 2020.

From 11th of January, 2020. full conference pass will cost 300 Euros (with each 3rd attendee per a company free of charge), while the price of a bilateral table will rise to 450 Euros. All prices include VAT.

Should you want to have a booth, prices are defined individually, depending on location and level of customization. We strongly suggest to consider becoming one of conference sponsors in case if you require a booth.

Offering more value for your money, each conference pass grants you full access to all the areas: bilateral meetings, presentations, both parties, coffee breaks and lunch! Our aim is to make CEE CEE an enjoyable experience for all of our attendees, as well as successful one in terms of business.