Opatija, Croatia 23. - 25. January, 2019

Delivery and returns

Order confirmations and other information are delivered to the customer by e-mail to the address registered on the user's profile. Avola Solutions is not responsible for the damage caused by the misspelling of the email address in the user profile or because of the inability to deliver confirmation and other information caused by technical issues on the part of the e-mail service provider.

The customer will receive an invoice electronically.

Reservation without a purchase is not possible. Refunds for purchased goods are also not possible.

Any additional questions as well as any complaints about the lack of service and all other objections can be made in writing through electronic or regular mail:

  • to e-mail address: info@cee-cee.net
  • to the address: Kuniščak 1B, 10000 Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

In case of dispute about the justification of the complaint and if the Buyer, on the basis of a subjective assessment, finds that he has not received adequate service, it is customary in the business practice to report the case to one of the competent institutions. The competent and official bodies then make all necessary checks to ascertain the correctness and respect of the applicable laws. The court in Zagreb is competent for all possible disputes.