Opatija (pronounced [ɔpǎtija]; German: Sankt Jakobi; Italian: Abbazia) is a town in western Croatia, just southwest of Rijeka on the Adriatic coast. It is an excellent venue for both summer and winter holidays, with average temperatures of 10 °C in winter, and 25 °C in summer. The area’s wonderful nature and parks, old Austro-Hungarian villas, well-tended promenades and beaches continue attracting visitors to this town that boasts a 160-year tradition of tourism.

Down through the years, many distinguished people have visited this town, including the Emperor Franz Joseph, the writers Henryk Sienkiewicz, Ivo Andrić, James Joyce, Anton Pavlovič Čehov, and Gabriele D’Annunzio, the dancer Isadora Duncan, the composer Gustav Mahler, the botanist Heinrich Noe, the Croatian ban Josip Jelačić with his wife Sofija, and many more. They all came to Opatija in a passionate search for fascination, and this town never failed to fascinate them.

Distance of CEE CEE venue from international airports:

  • Rijeka, Croatia: 42 km
  • Pula, Croatia:  100 km
  • Trieste, Italy: 108 km
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia: 135 km
  • Zagreb, Croatia: 183 km
  • Klagenfurt, Austria: 196 km
  • Venice, Italy: 217 km

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